Who We Are

Our Mission:

Our mission is to improve the environmental quality of our local communities by reducing construction waste and keeping useful materials out of the landfills.

What We Are Doing:

We are bridging the gap between homeowners, contractors and businesses with a blended marketplace for unused or lightly used construction materials. Whether you aim to get rid of surplus construction supplies or to find a cost-effective solution for a home renovation, Renoback.com provides an efficient, environmentally friendly solution. With a wide variety of ad listings and a very user-friendly design, Renoback.com is a specialized, unique service.

What Makes Us Different?

At the heart of the Renoback.com marketplace is a commitment to protect the environment. We invite contractors and material suppliers to take a pledge to support green initiatives and reduce waste. We are building awareness with contractors and homeowners that they can be “green” by using items that may otherwise be wasted. We are expanding across North America to share these values and reduce the environmental impact of an industry that has a large potential for unnecessary waste.

See How It Works:

How You Can Help:

You can help by participating on Renoback.com and sharing the message in your local community. Here are some easy ways to make difference:

Search our listings before buying construction materials

List your unused or lightly used materials on Renoback.com instead of throwing them away

Share Renoback.com with others

Take “The Pledge” and stay up to date with news and initiatives

List your company in our GREEN directory

Have any questions? Let us know how we can help!