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Barn Doors Calgary

THE BEST Barn wood / Barn board / Reclaimed wood

THE BEST Barn Wood / Barn Board / Reclaimed Wood

Barn Doors   |   Posted: 02/01/18

Item Condition: Excellent

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK2.96 $ A SQUARE FOOTAll of our Barn wood is 100% Hard Wood: Reclaimed barn wood is commonly fir, pine and hemlockThe demand for reclaimed barn wood is on the rise and growing exponen...


Pine Barn doors

Pine Barn Doors

Barn Doors   |   Posted: 05/05/17

Item Condition: Very Good

***The door  with the ladder has been sold****Pine Barn Doors with a z pattern. Assorted vintage hardware included. Great for giving a modern home a rustic flair or great for just completing a rustic...

USD $80.00

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