Welcome to our Renoback blog which is intended to provide you with great ideas, how to/not to advice and the assurance that yes indeed, with a little confidence and a bit of effort, you really can turn some pretty cool ideas into your own creations


My name is Meagan and after spending most of my life in a small rural community, I am now a Metro Millennial. Over the years I have always loved to get my hands dirty while working on renovation and landscaping projects, bringing old furniture back to life, making neat things out of other things and being an inquisitive ‘apprentice’ on many ‘how to’ projects. I have even had the opportunity to finish drywall (hated it!), wire electrical receptacles (easier than you might think) and have worked on many interior design finishes (love it!) But most of all I enjoy exploring new trends, modifying old trends and sharing ideas, experiences and successes (and bloopers) with people just like you.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the articles posted here, and I would love your feedback and ideas for future articles.