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DIY Find amazing prices on all your electrical needs. electrical liquidation on all types of indoor and outdoor connectors boxes conduit.

60 amp GFCI breaker and 30' of #6 AWG Teck90 wire

60 Amp GFCI Breaker And 30' Of #6 AWG Teck90 Wire

Electrical   |   Posted: 16/10/19

Item Condition: Excellent

Siemens 60 amp GFCI breaker and 30' of #6 AWG Teck90 (exterior rated) wire.Used with hot tub.


Electrical in distance from Calgary

Hospital grade plugs

Hospital Grade Plugs

Electrical   |   Posted: 18/12/19

Item Condition: Excellent

Box of 10, Pass and Seymour 15A 125V Hospital grade male plugs. New! Never used.All 10 for $85.¬†


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What is an electrical panel?

An electrical panel, also known as a load center, service panel, breaker box or breaker panel, is a steel box that holds multiple circuit breakers wired to circuits that distribute power throughout your home.

How do I identify the electrical capacity or size of my electrical panel?

30-amp fuse panels usually have round 15-amp or 20-amp fuses on both hot and neutral conductors, and sometimes a separate main fuse switch while 60-amp fuse panel and some 100-amp panels often have a single or a pair of BakeliteTM fuse holders, one marked "main," the other marked "range."

What are the different types of electrical panels?

The different types of breaker panels are: Main Breaker Panel; Main Lug Panel; Sub-Panel; and Transfer Switches.