Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything you need to know about Renoback

What is Renoback?

Renoback is an online experience like no other. This local community website provides the marketplace for connections to be made between buyer and seller of new and used building materials, tools and services within the construction and renovation industry. Renoback makes it easy for local individuals as well as businesses to easily interact to find products and services from each other.

Local home improvement professionals, builders and building material suppliers can easily create a Renoback Company profile to showcase their amazing work. Renoback is proud to be a green initiative Company helping to build a circular economy.

How is Renoback Different from other listing sites?

Renoback is industry specific; meaning all content on the Renoback site is directly related to the construction, renovation & housing industry. Whether you are in need of building materials or tools to start or complete a project, need advice on how to complete a specific building task or are in need of a specific trade within the industry. Renoback is here to help.

Other listing sites are very broad in scope offering everything and anything. With Renoback , there is only industry specific content on the site, thereby all our visitors are 100% targeted thus dramatically increasing success rates for buyers, sellers and trades.

What are the benefits of registering on Renoback?

Easily list, edit, promote, or delete your ads within your account.

  • Makes signing in easier.
  • Post new ads without having to confirm email address.
  • Manage your individual profile as well as your Company profile.
  • Manage all your activity from your own personal Renoback dashboard.
  • Manage all your account settings directly through the dashboard.
  • And more!

How do I create an account on Renoback?

To create your own personal account on Renoback simply click on the “Join Renoback” tab at the top right of the main page. From there you will be taken to the “Create My Account page”

Enter a username, your name, email and password click create my account and Presto!

Your account is active, it’s really that simple.

At Renoback we have created a very user friendly platform that is an ease to navigate.

Who can list items for sale on Renoback?

Absolutely anyone can list an item for sale on the Renoback marketplace. Renoback is all about the environment. We encourage any individual, trade, builder or building material supplier to list all surplus products on

From anyone tearing down an old shed or fence to the builder who has surplus material from a new build to the supplier who has discounted merchandise, everyone is welcome to post items for sale.

Renoback encourages all recycling initiatives.

How long will my listing run for?

All listings run for an initial period of 6 months.

Automatic emails are sent as reminders to either re-list your items, stamp them SOLD or delete them from our system if they are sold.

If no action is taken from the listed item member the ad will be suspended after 6 months.

I cannot find what I am looking for, what can I do?

If you cannot find the specific product or trade you are looking for simply type a few key words/phrases into the search bar at the top of the page.

Renoback will search its database providing you with many options to choose from.

Also you can contact us directly at see under contact info.

Can I search Renoback without being a member?

You do not have to be a member to search the Renoback data base nor do you need an account to contact a seller or a listed Company profile. Renoback is open to the public in all regions across Canada. Please feel free to navigate the Renoback site freely and at your own pace.

How can I get more exposure for my listings?

Besides the obvious strategies such as a great title, descriptive text and vivid images, Renoback has incorporated social sharing icons within your listing. A sure fire method to help sell your items fast is to share them with your friends and family. By sharing your listing you not only expand your exposure dramatically, you have the ability to become viral through the social networks. Greatly increasing your success rate.

Quote: Inspiration is sometimes as simple as a share.

How do I post an ad?

How To Post An Ad:

  1. Sign in to your account and go to your dashboard
  2. Click on ‘My Classifieds’ and click on ‘Post a Classified’
  3. Fast!
  4. Select the region(s), the item category
  5. Enter your description, load images and ‘click’ on the image you want displayed
  6. 'click’ Save & Publish
  7. Effective
  8. Share your listing on social media to increase your exposure
  9. Let us take care of the rest

Maximize Your Results With These Ad Posting Tips:

Attract buyers to your listings and/or your business profile by following the simple steps presented below. Follow these steps to increase your exposure and your listing success.

Choose a really cool title: (Let your imagination run wild! But not too wild)

  • Let’s be clear, the title you choose is the most important part of your ad.
  • Your ad title will leave the first impression on visitors. (you get one chance with your 1st impression, so make it count!).
  • Always try to display the most valuable part of your business in the title.
  • A good title can generate a 60% higher impact to your listing, and your business.

Short & informative ad body: (short but sweet, beats long and dull)

  • Less is more, IF you have put some thought into your description
  • Think about it. It is boring and tiring to read a long description about any subject especially on mobile devices.
  • Truth is, most visitors will only read the first three or four lines
  • So, do not write a long description. Keep all important info to about 50 words.

Choose the right category: (Really? Why do people do this?)

  • It is really frustrating when someone lists flooring products under ‘tools’
  • Choosing the correct category is very important in classified advertising.
  • Visitors seek to find their requirements in relevant categories.
  • Do not frustrate visitors by attracting them to mis-identified category listings.

Pictures: (A picture truly is worth a thousand words)

  • A high quality, clear image adds extra value of your listing.
  • Put a clear picture (ad related picture) on your every ad.
  • Important to note that listings without images will not appear on the display ads and will only be found through the search bar.

Tag/Keywords and HTML: (This is the boring -but effective- technical stuff)

  • Make it easier for your listings to be found. Keywords are directly related to search engine optimization. Search engine will target this part of your ad. 
  • Be sure to add your url link, email, contact numbers in in the available sections

Share your ads in social media website: (Sell your listings faster, share with the world)

  • It is an excellent idea to drive more visitors to your ads.
  • This option is available in almost every site, but in case this option is not available then, you can share your ad by copy your ad's link into social media like Facebook, Twitter.

List often!

Think Coca Cola, Ford, McDonalds and Tim Horton’s and you will understand the importance of knowing your target market, branding consistency and ‘signaling’. ( marketing while competitors pull back)

I sold my items, how do I delete my ad?

Deleting your ad is simple.

Log into your Renoback account, click on “My listings” within your dashboard.

Edit and delete your ads as you need to from your own dashboard.

What if I lose my password for my Renoback account?

Can’t remember your password. No problem, simply go to “Sign In” to your account.

Enter your email and click “Reset My Password”

Within moments we will send you an email notification complete with a new temp. password to enter.

After logging in with your temporary password we encourage you to create a new password you are more familiar with.

I am a local trade/builder how can I participate on Renoback?

Renoback is all about recycling. As a trade/builder we understand the amount of surplus building materials that can accumulate over a very short period of time. From project to project, there remains a steady flow of quality usable building materials left over, some new and some used. In most cases trades/builders are left with surplus material that have already been paid for in the cost of the project therefore discounting the retail value considerably is a respectable corporate and environmentally responsible action taken by you as a business. This type of action will go a long way with your existing customer base as well as your new found customers on

Several options remain for what to do with this surplus.

Toss it into our already overflowing landfill or Recycle it by using the Renoback platform (your customers will thank you) As a local Trade/Builder you can be a part of the Renoback family by creating a free account and start listing your surplus building materials. By listing your materials you are allowing others to benefit from your discounted generosity while also making a few extra dollars on the side.

TIP: Remember, People influence people, nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a friend. Word-of- mouth has far reaching momentum effects.

Who can add a business listing on Renoback?

All businesses related to the construction, renovation and housing industry are welcome to list their respective businesses. Renoback works toward helping all local businesses in the industry by providing them with options to have their respective Companies be found by targeted visitors in need of the services they offer. Listing your Company profile onto the Renoback database is one more step to the success you deserve. Increasing your exposure to high quality traffic at a fraction of the cost.

How can I get more exposure for my Company profile?

For many businesses, being found online can be a daunting task with millions of websites on the web and thousands more started daily across the entire globe. Renoback works tirelessly to establish a presence in all regions across North America. Through our growing media attention, newsletters, strategic alliances, blogs and social pages we are quickly becoming an authoritative voice within the building industry.

All premium Renoback business members enjoy the online exposure that we have and continue to create for them.

Increasing exposure for your Company within the Renoback site is easy.

Companies that actively list their new and used products on Renoback naturally draw more exposure to their listings, and to their business.

Stay active, list and renew regularly, put more eyes on your product and your business. It’s that simple.