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Hand Tools Calgary

Hand tools. All your favorite brands. Stanley Fat max Estwing Irwin Craftsman Armstrong Freud Dremel.

Floor squeege

Floor Squeege

Hand Tools   |   Posted: 03/03/17

Item Condition: Excellent

Floor squeegee 10.00 per please call 403 275 0141


Ladder jacks - - - - now only $50

Ladder Jacks - - - - Now Only $50

Hand Tools   |   Posted: 28/01/17

Item Condition: Excellent

1 set of ladder jacks. They were priced at $60, NOW ON SALE for $50.00. Call or text 403-604-7031.


Laser level

Laser Level

Hand Tools   |   Posted: 09/01/17

Item Condition: Excellent

Laser level and tripod for sale. I am selling my laser level kit, I purchased it for one job and no longer will be needing it. Please email for info.




Hand Tools   |   Posted: 10/09/16

Item Condition: Excellent

New Dewalt 18 volt saw tool only.  Asking $100.00 


Tool box project

Tool Box Project

Hand Tools   |   Posted: 10/09/16

Item Condition: Good

One truck sleeper, that can be converted  to a storage tool box on a truck or trailer.


Pipe threading kit

Pipe Threading Kit

Hand Tools   |   Posted: 12/10/17

Item Condition: Excellent

Manual pipe threading kit almost like new3/8 - 1 1/4 


Rod Saw and Drill Bit

Rod Saw And Drill Bit

Hand Tools   |   Posted: 16/03/17

Item Condition: Excellent

Rod Saw and Drill Bit QEP brandNew (still in package)Cuts irregular shapes and circlesCuts through ceramic tile, marble and other types of tile6" tungsten carbide drill tipThe Dartmouth ReStore i...


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What is a hand tool?

A hand tool is any tool that is operated by hand rather than by any type of engine or power. Some examples of hand tools are garden forks, secateurs, rakes, hammers, spanners, pliers, screwdrivers, and chisels.

What are the different classification of hand tools?

The different types of hand tools are: Cutting Tools- used to cut and remove unwanted characteristics in the material. Ex. Cutter, scissors, saw. Measuring Tools- used to measure the material for creating the product. Ex. Measuring tape, ruler, protractor. Driving Tools- used to fasten or secure another tool with the material. Ex. Hammer, Screwdriver. Carving Tools- used to carve different kinds of design in the material. Ex. Chisel. Boring tools- tools that are fastened or secured by the driving tools. Ex. Screws.

What are the best brands of hand tools?

When searching for your favorite hand tools it can become time consuming. Renoback often has great pre-owned hand tools such as a Snap-On, Stanley, Estwing, Irwin, Craftsman, Armstrong, and Dremel. You should never have to pay full price for something you love.