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Miscellaneous building materials for sale. hard to find items. showers doors lumber windows shop supplies and more.

Large antique commercial sign holder

Large Antique Commercial Sign Holder

Hard To Find   |   Posted: 02/07/19

Item Condition: Good

This beefy cast iron sign holder needs some repairs as some bolts have sheered off. Dimensions: 41H x 127W

USD $495.00

Vintage garage door track and rollers with curve.

Vintage Garage Door Track And Rollers With Curve.

Hard To Find   |   Posted: 23/06/19

Item Condition: Good

Accommodates 3 doors and curves around a corner. Could make a unique room divider as well. 16.33 feet max.

USD $150.00

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What are some building materials that are hard to find?

Lumber like barn wood and antique: fixtures, steel, bricks, ornamental items, lighting fixtures and bathtubs are just a few items that are hard to find, that you may be able to find on!

What are good sources for building materials that are hard to find, like barn wood?

Besides, try antique stores to find barn wood, doors and windows and other hard to find goods.

What hard to find building materials are the most popular?

Antique hardware is by far the most popular of searches for building materials that are “hard to find”. There is a good possibility that you may be able to find them on!