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Personal Organizing; Home Staging; Downsizing; Senior's Services; Re-design and Decor. Re-use, re-allocate, re-cycle, charitable donations.

About Ordnung

Ordnung - Everything in Order

Personal Organizing - do you have rooms that are dumping grounds instead of usable spaces?  I will work to assist you by de-cluttering, organizing, allocating space for your possessions.  Perhaps you have things that are no longer being used and are just taking up space?  I will help by suggesting charities and/or re-using, re-cycling, re-allocating your items.  I will re-design your rooms so that they are refreshed and renewed!

Home Staging - I will make your home ready to sell by de-cluttering, temporarily removing personal items, re-designing with the items that you already have, and by making your home show home ready!

Senior's Downsizing - often Senior's are taken unaware by a sudden illness or infirmity.  Perhaps they are ready to downsize and move to a smaller dwelling.  Family isn't always able to do all that is required to make a move seamless and less stressful.  I can help by assisting in going through possessions to downsize and make ready the new home. 

I have a degree in Interior Design and have been a project manager for 10 years, and an Executive Personal Assistant for 8 years.  I have had my own Interior Decorating business.  I believe that Ordnung is the culmination of many of my talents and abilities.  I would love to help you restore order and dignity to your home so that it may be a safe and tranquil haven for all who reside in it.

Founded in 2014 .

Business Registration No. 82695 1592

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