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2 Matching Antique 1920s Era Solid Wood Shaker 3panel Interior Doors - Calgary,Edmonton,Banff / Canmore

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Two(2) matching 1920s era solid wood Shaker style 3panel Doors...perfect for a barn door closet,,,,,are for sale, Both of these classic Shakers are in very good structural condition,,,& are ready to be re-employed! Dimensions.... (1) 29 3/4 x 76 1/2 inches ,,,,,,(2) 29 3/4 x 77 1/2 inches (widthXheight) PRICE IS FOR BOTH DOORS,,,,WILL SELL INDIVIDUALLY


Calgary,Edmonton,Banff / Canmore



CAD $120.00

Not Available

Not Available

618 Elbow Dr SW

T2S 2H7


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