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Landscaping Calgary

Find landscaping supplies fast. Loam 3/4"crushed paving sod trees concrete. Snow removal find Local landscape contractors.

Landscape Mulch

Landscape Mulch

Landscaping   |   Posted: 10/05/18

Item Condition: Excellent

Recycled Rubber Landscape Mulch. 4 colours available. Selling in 35 lb garden bags and 2000 lb BIG BULK Bags. MUCH better than regular wood mulch as it does not rot, blow in the wind nor float away ...


Recycled Rubber Patio Pavers

Recycled Rubber Patio Pavers

Landscaping   |   Posted: 01/05/18

Item Condition: Excellent

LEED Certified 100% Canadian Recycled Rubber Patio Pavers.24’ x 24’ x 1” thick. We carry them in 2 styles and 4 colours. Perfect for patios, pathways, dog runs, hot tub pads and many other uses....




Landscaping   |   Posted: 19/10/17

Item Condition: Very Good

133 split and stack blocks, some new, some used, all clean and in good condition.  These are the larger blocks that you cannot buy any longer, they are heavier and do not move apart.  Perfect for a ...


Recycled Rubber Sidewalk

Recycled Rubber Sidewalk

Landscaping   |   Posted: 03/10/17

Item Condition: Excellent

LEED Certified 100% Recycled Canadian Rubber Sidewalks. Clearing out old and left over inventory. 4'x5' x 2" thick. Weight 235lbs per mat. Have 8 Black, 8 Brown, 1 Red and 1 Grey left in stock. Can be...


Concrete Pavers and Roof Gravel Ballast and Concrete Stacking lego Blocks

Concrete Pavers And Roof Gravel Ballast And Concrete Stacking Lego Blocks

Landscaping   |   Posted: 19/06/17

Item Condition: Excellent

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Landscaping in distance from Calgary

Concrete Stacking Lego Blocks

Concrete Stacking Lego Blocks

Landscaping   |   Posted: 15/08/17

Item Condition: Excellent

Our Lego Blocks are poured from one of the finest qualities of Concrete. The cable that is placed within the block is rated for 3x the weight of the Block it self. We have: Full Block: 2.5’x2. 5’x...


Used Grey Interloc 185 square feet

Used Grey Interloc 185 Square Feet

Landscaping   |   Posted: 16/09/17

Item Condition: Good

Gray interloc pavers 185 square feet8" x 13.5" 7" x 7" 4" x 7" 8" x 7" gray tones in colour pick up only


Paving or interlocking stones in great shape FREE

Paving Or Interlocking Stones In Great Shape FREE

Landscaping   |   Posted: 08/08/17

Item Condition: Excellent

Used paving stones in great shape enough to do a driveway but they are going fast. The are free and on a first come first serve basis so hurry. You will need a truck or trailer and must be out by this...

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What landscaping "objects" or "items" add the most curb appeal?

Fire and water. Fire features and water fountains are really trending right now and add great curb appeal. If you are looking for inexpensive landscaping equipment you can find on Some examples of the brands are Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, John Deere, Husky, Poulan and many others!

What are the top trends for landscaping projects?

Sustainability and low maintenance design are two top trends in landscape design for this year according to the 2015 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

What are the top ten landscaping project types?

Here are the top ten project types with the expected highest consumer demand: Native plants; Native/adapted drought-tolerant plants; Food/vegetable gardens; Fire pits/fireplaces; Low-maintenance landscapes; Permeable paving; Drip/water-efficient irrigation; Rain gardens; Lighting and Rainwater/graywater harvesting.