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Lights Birmingham

Light bulbs, LED, florescent strip fixtures, flood lights, floor lamps all fixtures at low prices

Fluorescent light bulbs

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Lights   |   Posted: 14/04/16

Item Condition: Excellent

Approx 80 gently used 8' (2.43 m) fluorescent bulbs.Ask $2 each for SylvaniaAnd $4 each for the Starcoated GE lamps. Call Yuill. 416-996-5434.

CAD $2.00

Flush -mount ceiling lights ...... pewter cover

Flush -mount Ceiling Lights ...... Pewter Cover

Lights   |   Posted: 11/03/16

Item Condition: Excellent

Modern light fixture currently available at Lowe's for $86.00 plus tx. Features a 4-bulb capacity. Marble-like pewter lens cover. Manufactured by Galaxy, mod. 680120mb-ptr. Brand n...

CAD $40.00

RH Benson Pendant - 13

RH Benson Pendant - 13" Polished Nickel

Lights   |   Posted: 21/11/16

Item Condition: Excellent

Benson offers a modern silhouette and a sleek, hand-polished finish that will illuminate your kitchen or workspace. - Made of solid steel- Thickly plated bell-shaped dome- Fitted with a frosted g...

CAD $275.00

Pot lights

Pot Lights

Lights   |   Posted: 09/09/16

Item Condition: Very Good

Halo 4" IECC rated pot lights and Halo 4" non IECC rated. They were installed but never used. 

CAD $15.00

Holophane lights with metal Halide light bulb / Super Cheap!!!!

Holophane Lights With Metal Halide Light Bulb / Super Cheap!!!!

Lights   |   Posted: 05/05/16

Item Condition: Very Good

These lights were pretty expansive when we bought it (around $300 / each). We are currently selling it for $10 / each and we have around 80 of them. (This is really really good deal!!!) This...

CAD $10.00

Artcraft AC8091RU - Classico Rust Outdoor

Artcraft AC8091RU - Classico Rust Outdoor

Lights   |   Posted: 16/04/16

Item Condition: Excellent

5 Artcraft AC8091RU - Classico Rust Outdoor Light Fixtures Purchased at Cartwright lighting Classico ...

CAD $200.00

175W HID Light

175W HID Light

Lights   |   Posted: 15/04/16

Item Condition: Very Good

Hubbell 9x9 HID light. 175W

CAD $10.00

Flourescent and pot lights

Flourescent And Pot Lights

Lights   |   Posted: 19/02/16

Item Condition: Very Good

Have about 60 fluorescent lights all with bulbs and ballasts, i beleive they might be 3 phase but i have about 30 pot lights all with bulbs that work on normal power. Need gone asap as i could use the...

CAD $50.00

Various Potlights

Various Potlights

Lights   |   Posted: 02/03/17

Item Condition: Very Good

Various Potlights Take your pick from various styles @ $10.00 each. Home Re-use-ables has Edmonton's top-quality used and new building materials. Visit our large showrooms for everything from wi...

CAD $10.00

Pendant Lights - Priced to Clear

Pendant Lights - Priced To Clear

Lights   |   Posted: 26/09/16

Item Condition: Very Good

Pendant Lights - Priced to ClearBronze with frosted glass shade. Multiples available @ $25.00 each. Home Re-use-ables has Edmonton's top-quality used and new building materials. Visit our large ...

CAD $25.00

400W Metal Halide Lights

400W Metal Halide Lights

Lights   |   Posted: 29/03/16

Item Condition: Very Good

400W Metal Halide Lights110 volt units - multiples available @ $55.00 each.Good for greenhouses, yard lights.Home Re-use-ables has Edmonton's top-quality used and new building materials. Visit our l...

CAD $55.00

internal lights

Internal Lights

Lights   |   Posted: 26/02/16

Item Condition: Excellent

ceiling lights we have 6 of them, any piece $10.00 all for $60

CAD $60.00

New and Used Light Bulbs

New And Used Light Bulbs

Lights   |   Posted: 10/02/16

Item Condition: Very Good

New and Used Light BulbsIncandescent, halogen, fluorescent, CFL's, LED's, metal halide, etc. available. Individually priced from .25 cents each and up. Home Re-use-ables has Edmonton's top-quality...

CAD $0.25

Hanging pendant light

Hanging Pendant Light

Lights   |   Posted: 09/02/16

Item Condition: Excellent

An old beauty in mint condition - glass and metal construction.

CAD $50.00

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