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Light bulbs, LED, florescent strip fixtures, flood lights, floor lamps all fixtures at low prices

5LT Pendant Fixture - Functional and Stylish!!

5LT Pendant Fixture - Functional And Stylish!!

Lights   |   Posted: 11/11/19

Item Condition: Excellent

5LT PENDANT- MARBLEIZED GLASS 27" Pendant indoor pendant provides abundant light to your home's interior, while adding style and interest. Transform your living spaces with this fixture that enhances...


Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture 11 in. + 13 in. ceiling plate

Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture 11 In. + 13 In. Ceiling Plate

Lights   |   Posted: 22/09/19

Item Condition: Excellent

The used 11-inch ceiling fixture has a gold tone ceiling plate and includes glass shade in good condition. The new 13-inch ceiling fixture has a brushed nickel finish and includes new hardware includi...


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