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Light bulbs, LED, florescent strip fixtures, flood lights, floor lamps all fixtures at low prices

5LT Pendant Fixture - Functional and Stylish!!

5LT Pendant Fixture - Functional And Stylish!!

Lights   |   Posted: 11/11/19

Item Condition: Excellent

5LT PENDANT- MARBLEIZED GLASS 27" Pendant indoor pendant provides abundant light to your home's interior, while adding style and interest. Transform your living spaces with this fixture that enhances...

CAD $80.00

Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture 11 in. + 13 in. ceiling plate

Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture 11 In. + 13 In. Ceiling Plate

Lights   |   Posted: 22/09/19

Item Condition: Excellent

The used 11-inch ceiling fixture has a gold tone ceiling plate and includes glass shade in good condition. The new 13-inch ceiling fixture has a brushed nickel finish and includes new hardware includi...

CAD $15.00

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