The Renoback Pledge

The Renoback Pledge is our ongoing pursuit to heighten awareness, cause us to pause for a moment and remember that this is our only planet to call our home.

Construction, renovation and demolition waste accounts for over 35% of the 20 million tonnes of solid waste that ends up in Canadian landfills each and every year.

The good news is that there is a growing demand for environmentally conscious solutions that seek to overcome our old 'dump and bury' way of thinking, and this is what is all about. Renoback is driven to build and grow a user friendly network that provides individuals, service providers and businesses a viable marketplace built on awareness of sustainable, efficient and sensible solutions.

When posting a listing or setting up a business profile on Renoback, take a moment, take the plunge, take the pledge and let the world know that you prefer to be part of the solution. Your acceptance of this pledge will be recognized on your post.

The Pledge

  • I/we understand that over 35% of waste in our landfills comes from construction materials, and that's just wrong.
  • I/we do make every attempt to reduce, re-use, recycle and re-purpose, and that's just right!
  • I/we really do care about the well being of this little green planet third from the sun, and that's just natural.

With this I am happy to join the Renoback movement, uphold this pledge and do my part to make this world a little greener.

Want to get involved? Take the Pledge!