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Paint at a fraction of retail costs. Mis-tints Dulux Pratt & Lambert Benjamin Moore Behrs CIL Interior and Exterior.

Boomerang Recycled Paint

Boomerang Recycled Paint

Paint / Coatings   |   Posted: 06/06/18

Item Condition: Excellent

Are you looking to re paint a room? Consider trying Boomerang paints! They've got a great selection of colours to fit your personal style. Only 19.99 per gallon, with a velvet finish.


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Is more expensive house paint worth the money?

There are three things to consider when buying paint: The cost of the paint when purchasing; The time that it takes to paint the room; The cost of having to repaint too soon. Expensive is worth the money. Whether it is interior or exterior paint that you need for your home you can find them at a fraction of retail costs on

Should I buy a paint sprayer?

Yes! Just one spray is equivalent to two coats of brushed-on paint. Additionally, sprayers have no problem filling in all the nooks and crannies, where brushes and rollers struggle.

How can I buy high quality paint inexpensively?

Many hardware stores get remnant returns – whereby people order too much of a special mixed colour and return unopened pints, quarts and gallons. Mixing these all together will give you a high quality paint at a very low cost. Or you could just buy at a fraction of retail costs on We often have Behr paint, Benjamin Moore, Pratt & Lambert, and more listed on the website!