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Siding for your home at low prices. All types Hardy board, Gentek, vinyl, cedar. Find siding installers locally at discount prices.

Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

Siding   |   Posted: 23/11/17

Item Condition: Excellent

Stone Veneer for wholesale pricesSelling 9 styles of stone factory direct. $5.50 per square foot. All made to order right in Alberta. Call now for a free quote!


J channel

J Channel

Siding   |   Posted: 06/12/17

Item Condition: Excellent

J channel12’ sectionsBrand new, uninstalledClay colorJust didn’t need it for the job.$10 total for all three pieces.

USD $3.50

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What is the best siding for my home?

Vinyl, plastic, and other synthetic materials are less expensive and getting much more realistic thanks to better graining and deeper profiles. Find siding for your home at low prices. All types of sidings we provide are Gentek, Hardy board, Vinyl, Cedar and more. Find siding installers locally at discount prices.

What siding has the best insulation or R-value?

Most siding materials have an R-value of less than 1. That includes standard vinyl, steel or aluminum siding without added foam insulation. Here’s a brief list of siding materials and their R-values: Wood shingles: 0.87; Beveled wood siding: 0.81; Standard aluminum, steel or vinyl siding: 0.61; Brick or Stone: 0.44; 2-inch stucco: 0.4; Fiber cement: 0.37; and 1-inch brick or stone veneer: 0.11.

What is the most durable siding?

Stucco Siding; Stone Veneer Siding; Cement Fiber Siding; Brick and Brick Veneer Siding; Wood Clapboard Siding; Cedar Shingle Siding; and Engineered Wood Siding.