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Bulk Tile: Marble, Grey, Off White - Calgary

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Huge tile selection amazing quality. Selling at 75% of original price!

Great deal at $2/sq.ft (or best offer) for all options listed below.

30 boxes of 24"x12" White and Grey Marble Porcelain Floor Tile ≈ 360 sq.ft. 

9 Boxes of 200x500 Glossy Lined Ceramic Wall Tile ≈ 117 sq.ft. - SOLD OUT

5 boxes of 24"x12" Grey Textured Porcelain Floor Tile ≈ 75 sq.ft. 

4 boxes of 2'x2' Square Marble Porcelain Floor Tile ≈ 64 sq.ft. 

14 boxes of 24"x12" Flat Off White Porcelain Floor Tile ≈ 168 sq.ft. 

72 boxes of 2'x2' Square Off White Porcelain Floor Tile ≈ 1152 sq.ft. 

1 Pallet of Mixed Floor Tile ≈ 70 sq.ft

Email or text 4036711330.

Contact seller for details.





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T2E 4E1


See Google Map below.

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